One of the Best Daily Show Episodes

Last Thursday Jon Stewart’s program was one of the best entire episodes, ever:  (watch it here). Great coverage to the Anthony Wiener sex-pics scandal (warning: there is a cotton-covered junk shot), he did a super interview with Bill Moyers and had a pizza epiphany as he provided viewers with a guide to NYC’s best pizza parlors.


Author: Clareannette

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2 thoughts on “One of the Best Daily Show Episodes”

  1. OMG!!!!!! That pizza rant was up there with the first Glen Beck parody! I <3 J.S.! He so read my mind when I saw Trump eating pizza with a fork! But I missed the stacking and the location part. Priceless!

    1. You are so right with the OMG, that was a fantastic episode, it was entirely brilliant; how wonderful it all ended with Bill Moyers. I’m so happy to see that in addition to appreciating art and design, you also appreciate quality satire!

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