Penstemon Project

This photo of a Parry’s Penstemon in my backyard earlier this year is one of several I’m using for my new project, the third in a series of silk-paper lamination art quilts.

I traced some of the flower-shapes onto transparency plastic and used my trusty overhead projector to enlarge the design, so I could trace onto paper:

You can’t really see the traced design that well as it’s in pencil, but this is what it looks like on the dining room table, the transparency plastic is on the lower right-hand side:

Now I’m filling in the design with ripped up bits of photocopies of the photos of the Parry’s Penstemon, I think it’s looking OK so far:

More later. Back to ripping up paper and gluing it down. Too hot to do anything outside so might as well!

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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    1. You are fast! I just posted this. Am going back to work on it now, there’s a Giants game on to keep me going. Thanks for your lovely email the other day; no I’m not on Facebook–would never get anything done–but will get back to you soon.


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