Parched Plants Holding Up: A View of the Garden

Calling anything a garden in Tucson is a stretch…it’s been 107 degrees for the last week, temps that don’t support a typical garden. The plants in my yard are  holding up, I think most will make it for the 2 weeks it’ll likely take for the rainy season to begin. The hollyhock above seems built for this weather; and luckily these plants go to seed and sprout up again with little effort on my part so I’ll have more of the same next year. There’s a native grass in the background; it’s behind a mesh screen to prevent Bearbear from chomping on it.

Here’s Pam’s Pink Honeysuckle (trying to bloom again), moss verbena and chuparosa, all doing well; and, below, my Wonderful Pomegranate tree/bush from a cutting from the massive tree at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, with lavender–not blooming but not dead–in the foreground:

I’m going to have lots of pomegranates!

Above are clumps of chocolate flower, which bloom like crazy in the morning but look wilted and diminished by the end of the day; and what plant wouldn’t, really, under this relentless sun!

Here’s a view of part of the yard; nasturtiums in the foreground, the honeysuckle arbor, Russian sage in the back and to the right, I’m pleased to observe, my Desert Gold Peach tree is doing well, thanks to weekly watering from an improvised gray water system from my washer (I just hook up a piece of flexible hose to my washer, which is outside, and feed the tree).

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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