Silk Scrub-a-thon

Today I laminated the collages it’s taken me all summer to make. Clearly, the long, hot days really got to me this year!

Here are the Desert Marigold and Penstemon collages, with silk organza pinned very tightly on top.   I silk-screened each piece with acrylic gel medium. You can see pics of this process elsewhere on this blog.

Once the gel medium is applied, you need to let the silk/paper set just a bit, 10 minutes max, and then quickly take out the pins and pull the pieces off, otherwise everything gets stuck: the gel medium is strong and dries super fast. It’s easy to rip silk organza if you have to exert too much force pulling it away.

I got rust-proof pins last time Joanne’s had a half-price notions sale: this way I can take the pins out, put them in a small tub of water to get the gel medium off, and drain.

Once dry, each silk/paper piece needs to be ironed on the hottest setting, slowly, with baking parchment. That’s Bruce Bochy walking out to the mound.

Then you have to soak in cool water for about 15 minutes….

…and then you first pull, rub and then scour all the paper off.

This is the wet paper I pulled off; it’s the size of a baseball:

How do they look? I need to press them; but not now! You’ll have to check in later tomorrow to see, but the results are pretty good this time. 🙂

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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