Presenting…My Newest Laminations

Here are the finished silk/paper lamination collages: my camera flash reflects a bit of glare from the center of each piece. I use a matte gel medium for the lamination, but even a matte finish seems to generate some reflection.

Now…time to piece on a border and quilt. But I’m going to have to dye some fabric first. These are #3 and #4 in a series, and I want each piece to have a slightly different color border. Not necessarily an easy task; most desert wildflowers (at least, the ones in my yard that I photographed!) are on the yellow or pink spectrum.

There are a few violet wildflower outliers, like my favorite desert lupine (a dwarf lupine compared to lupines from more lush climates)…but they aren’t as common in my neighborhood in the spring. I’ve seen acres of them out west on the Tohono O’odham reservation, but in my own backyard I see maybe one every other year.

So. I’ll need some variety in my yellow and pink borders for this series. I think maybe I’ll dye the yellow and pink fabric for these pieces with a bit of gray shot through, to pick up on the black-and-white photocopies in the background.


Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

3 thoughts on “Presenting…My Newest Laminations”

    1. I’m dyeing fabric now to match the lamination fabric. It’s a cool process. Thanks for your kind words & support. Let me know how your dyeing turns out!

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