Beet Procrastination

If I’d properyly thinned my beet patch, things wouldn’t have gotten out of control.  I knew I was in trouble when they started going to seed; I deadheaded the tops, to avoid (I hoped) too woody and tough a beet root. I somehow just could not get around to dealing with all the beets. So my mom came up to Tucson to help me today.

Here she is, about to dig in; her enthusiasm is almost alarming to me, given how I’ve put this job off forever and ever:

My mom insisted on a photo of my giant beets. I didn’t think big beets were anything to be proud of, they indicate procrastination to me; but of course I took the photo, given all the help I was getting!

Not only did my mom pick the beets (and carrots and parnips still left in the ground) she cleaned them and trimmed them!

I gave her the parsnips and carrots, and in return I now have a big bowl of sliced raw beets in my kitchen. Tomorrow I’m making pickled beets!

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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