The Heat is the Excuse

It’s just so hot here right now. Working out in the yard becomes more of an ordeal than anything fun. It’s been so hot it’s hard to focus on art. I did some of the tidy-up yard chores today, the ones I do before the rain starts….and optimistically, our summer rainy season should be here in a week or two.

First, trim the out of control mesquite behind my cistern. I put a plywood board and a tarp over the top, so no branches would fall inside.

My mom loaned me this cool tool, it’s a telescoping saw/clipper you can use to trim tree branches high up:

I checked my tomatoes, usually something I do twice a day since I’ve put netting up, just in case a lizard gets stuck. To my surprise, the top branches of my tomato plant was stripped! I was surprised, and looked a bit closer and found….

Yuck. Tomato hornworms. So I guess I have finally had success at growing tomatoes if the worms are here. I’d totally forgotten about this threat. I’m sorry to say the worms are no longer with us. I have a natural insect spray with pyrethrin so I’ll try that tomorrow.

Even with the heat, I have some color in the yard, thanks to lots of cedar and rock mulch and a slightly higher water bill; here there’s creeping verbena, Greg’s mist flower, a native grass of the Catalina Mountains, some hollyhocks (though dwarf versions, it’s so hot), a yellowbells that’s not’s blooming yet.

It’s optimistic to see even a tiny bit of green this time of year!

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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    1. How nice to hear from you. Yes, I am happy, though I haven’t gotten the rain I’d like here at my house; other parts of Tucson have received more rainfall. It also gets humid when the rain comes… fact, the trend here seems to be more summer time humidity and less rain.

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