Techno Snafus and Delays

I got a new laptop a few weeks ago and finally unpacked it and set it up. I’m hardly a techie, but I’m not completely incompetent either; that said, I’ve asked a colleague’s husband–who has a small business helping people w/their computer networks–to come over this weekend to help me get my backup hard drive to talk to Windows 7, and to also help me with a new wireless router. I’ve spent way too much time online troubleshooting.

I did also finally get a cortisone shot in my shoulder which has so far only made things much better.

This past weekend I made some more fabric for my January 8 quilt project. Here I have enlarged photocopies of the text of a famous RFK speech, I’m kind of arranging them on my dining room table while the Giant’s game is on, trying to figure out the best layout for them…

..because they’ll be laminated onto a bit of saguaro fabric yardage I made a few weeks ago. Here is the collage of text, arranged on a bath towel stretched over a piece of plywood. The green fabric is slowly being placed over the paper and then pinned down to keep it all in place:

As you can see some of the paper is burned on the edges. That was done in the kitchen, because I could use the exhaust fan over the stove; it was way too hot and windy outside. You can see what a mess my stove was when I was done. The wet towel is there to put out any errant flames.

Here is the fabric pinned to the towel-covered plywood in my “wet studio” on my patio. I later screen-printed acrylic gel medium on top of the fabric to transfer the text.

I also finally got the sewing machines dusted off, oiled up and running again. I wanted to see how the laminated fabric does as revere applique, here is a blue piece of fabric (top) and the laminated fabric on the bottom. I sewed a curving line on top of the blue fabric, then cut away to revel the laminated fabric underneath:

Here’s how nice my old Riccar looks in it’s fancy new ergonomic home, it’s very comfortable to sew:

The fabric with the laminated text turned out great, will post that next time.

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I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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