Paper and Cotton Capitols

I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder so I’m feeling better in that arena of life; nothing like joint mobility. I’m still fussing at getting my laptop set up; that takes so much time.

I laminated some photocopies of the US Capitol building onto some hand dyed cotton sateen today. First I figured out where on the fabric I wanted the photo to be centered; then, I turned the paper over, taped it in place, and then brushed acrylic gel medium on top of the fabric to transfer the pigment to the cotton:

Here are several sizes of US Capitol building photocopies waiting for their fabric assignments:

Here’s one finished piece, which is about 8 inches wide:

This one is much smaller:

Eventually, these small pieces of fabric will be used for small cloud-shapes in my quilt project. I’m planning on 19 small clouds.

2 thoughts on “Paper and Cotton Capitols

  1. That looks amazing, you take working with fabric to a very artistic and dynamic level I didn’t even know existed šŸ™‚ Keep up the good work with poignant cloth art.

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