Feeling Capital about….Capitols

I had to make more fabric with the U.S. Capitol; I need 19 capitols for 19 clouds….and I don’t quite have that many.

Here are photocopies of photographs of the U.S. Capitol, the photocopies have been stuck onto my hand-dyed fabric with acrylic gel medium; now that the gel medium is dried, I’m about to press the fabric with parchment paper, so I don’t melt the fabric:

These are small pieces of fabric, about 6″x8″; it’s also humid outside, and there are mosquitoes: so, this is an ideal project to do inside. For larger projects involving scrubbing fabric, it’s just so messy I have to do it outside. Here I am, below, scraping the paper off the fabric after I’ve soaked the fabric in a bucket in my kitchen sink:

After scraping with a spoon (soft enough not to damage the fabric), I scrubbed lightly with a scrub brush, soaked the fabric again, scrubbed lightly once more, then rinsed. Here is my new “palette” of U.S. Capitols; I plan to sew ALL DAY tomorrow to get as many of these in place as possible:

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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