Quilt Progress So Far

I took a photo today of my art quilt as it is now; you can see the 4 foot level on the right hand side, for some scale: this piece will be large.

I feel this piece would benefit from some really dark tones to make all the light bits “pop” out a bit; so I have this plan to have dark fabric as a vertical border on either side of the piece, and the same fabric will be the vertical pieces for the window frames for the 6 windows. This will tie everything together. With that in mind, I cut out some contact paper shapes and stuck them on some silk screens, so I could print fabric with these saguaro designs:

The fabric will ultimately be very dark, but it’s going to start out light as I add layers; here’s the fabric drying on my patio, it was sunset and there are–sadly–mosquitoes in Tucson now. I took the photo through my screen door. The clouds at the time didn’t seem very significant.

A big thunderstorm blew threw an hour later; this is the edge of the storm, a nice big creamsicle colored cloud:

More dyeing in a few days. I’m out of print mix so have to make up more before I can finsih the screen printing.

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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