Work Week in Review

Aside from dithering about my cloud fabric dilemma described in the last post, after work this week I managed to dye some yarn I got from Dharma Trading. It’s a very yummy silk/cotton blend and here’s the hank, fresh out of the box:

Only once, long ago,  did I jump into a hank before winding it into a ball….with very sad, tangled consequences. So on one recent weeknight in my neighborhood, this is what my viewing of the Daily Show looked like:

I love my yarn-ball-winder-thingy: it makes very neat and tidy balls of yarn. My hank was transformed into something I could actually use, rather than just tangle up.

That interview on w/Jon Stewart was great, BTW, w/Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari, who was jailed, beaten and tortured in Iran due to his appearance on the Daily Show, when the program taped in Iran earlier this year.  I like to do something while watching TV; the very passive act of watching TV is highly problematic for me, which of course makes me a definite minority.

The next day after work I dyed my yarn and rinsed it in the kitchen sink: here are the finished colors:

Now comes the weekend….so much exciting fabric and yarn! Spoken like only a true fiber geek.

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I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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